The amount and accuracy of health data that intelligent wearable devices may collect have increased over time as a result of advances in technology. In addition to the superb and trustworthy algorithms, HONOR’s current model, the HONOR Band 6, has become easier to understand. It gives you access to more qualified health advice and teaches you how to properly manage your own body.

So, how do you use the health function of HONOR Band 6’s health mode? There are lots of things people would want to know about this gadget before buying. Is honor band 6 blood pressure measurement accurate? Continue reading and find out how to take advantage of the health features and fitness tracking of this band.

Honor Band 6 – Heart Rate Monitoring

Click heart rate on the bracelet menu page to take a single heart rate measurement. Heart rate data is displayed in a graph form if continuous heart rate measurement is enabled and in a single-measurement form if it is not enabled.

On the Sports Health App device management page, turn on the  “Continuous heart rate measurement.” One can modify the detection frequency based on the exercise condition. You can also track the heart rate for 24 hours intelligently and accurately.

The above steps are the best way how to make the HONOR Band 6 continuously track your heart rate. This is the best way to take advantage of the heart rate monitoring feature.

Tip: Only activity can activate the heart rate warning, and daily heart rate monitoring cannot do so.

It is not possible to synchronize just one heart rate reading to the Sports Health App.

Saturation Levels of Blood Oxygen in HONOR Band 6

A simple blood test can determine blood oxygen saturation: To take a single reading of your blood oxygen saturation, go to the bracelet’s menu page and select blood oxygen saturation. For the time being, manual single-measurement blood oxygen saturation is the sole option.

Enter the blood oxygen saturation area on the Sports Health App’s homepage to view the history of blood oxygen saturation. An inverted histogram is displayed in the App.

When displaying SpO2 records, a picture shows how to do so

Make use of these pointers:

  • While having your blood oxygen level measured, make sure to keep the bracelet on tightly and your arms steady.

Honor Band 6 Stress and Breathing Monitoring

Single pressure measurement of stress and respiration with the HONOR Band 6

Connect the HONOR Band 6 to your mobile phone and make sure it is working properly. “Pressure Test” on the Huawei Sports Health App for HONOR Band 6 will take a single pressure reading. The sampling period is one minute. Sports Health App displays simply the measurement results.

Measurement of pressure by use of a computerized sensor.

On the Huawei Sports Health App, turn on “Automatic Pressure Detection.” In the HUAWEI Health app, on the HONOR Band 6 details page, you can see pressure measurements taken automatically by the HONOR Band 6.

Make use of these pointers:

  • A 30-minute automated pressure measuring cycle is used for this.
  • During the activity, pressure readings are not supported.

Breath Training

Locate and press Breath Training on the HONOR Band 6’s screen to begin breathing exercises. Set your breathing time and rhythm by tapping. HONOR Band 6 will show you how to inhale and exhale on the screen. On the HUAWEI Health app, turn on the breath training. Make sure the HONOR Band 6 is properly connected to the phone, and then go to the stress area of the HUAWEI health app and select “breathing training” to begin breathing training. You can adjust the duration and rhythm of your breathing as needed.

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