How to clean different surfaces using a pressure washer

Whether you know how to use the wand or not, it’s essential to understand what not to clean and what to clean using a pressure washer machine. It’s easy to prevent expensive damages while cleaning using a pressure washer, provided you follow the basic rules and the surfaces to avoid while cleaning dirt.

The washing process using these machines is fast and satisfying to remove grime, built-up gunk, and stains. It’s an exhilarating feeling to use a high-intensity pressure washer to clean walkways covered with algae. You will feel the same in stripping the deck’s oil paints, removing stains from driveways, and doing other tasks that improve your home’s visual appeal.

The misuse of pressure washers might result in stone/concrete and damaged wood gouges. It’s easy to misuse the high stream water that needs great care when using it. You need always to make sure that you abide by the rules and understand the proper pressure washing machine.

It’s essential to be keen on the cleaning product that you choose. You need to get the best and safe cleaner for use on several faces without affecting the performance. The Simple Green Oxy Solve Total Outdoor Cleaner removes stains and dirt from mildew, mold, algae, and moss from the outdoor surfaces. The surfaces include plastic, wood, concrete, and plastic. The fast cleaner uses peroxide to renew and brighten surfaces without bleaching.

The Simple Green Oxy Solve Total is ideal for cleaning vinyl, wood, fabric, metal stone, and brick surfaces. It uses fast-acting foam that cleans using peroxide power. A biodegradable formula can’t harm the surrounding plants, pets, wildlife, or lawns.

The following are ways to clean different parts of your home.


Not all materials are ideal for this pressure washing. For decks they are from either Composite to hardwood materials. The Composite is softer than the natural wood and can quickly get etched. Once damaged, other problems like sun damage, chipping, and stains by molds on interior plastic can surface. Before cleaning the deck, check the warranty and use the 25-degree nozzle. It will give enough water pressure to remove grime and dirt without affecting the surface beneath.


Do you wish to have a clean and stable roof? Do you want to fall from the ladder trying to clean your roof? Never use pressure water to clean a roof. It’s a dangerous move that nobody should try to do. Use the pump sprayer to clean all accumulated algae, moss, or discoloration to clean your roof.


You can clean your siding if it’s made from aluminum, fiber cement, or vinyl using a pressure machine without damaging it. You can also pressure wash the stucco but with care. Pressure washing can make the pollution, pollen, elements, and dirt wreak havoc on the siding. It will result in a weathered dungy look if not well cleaned. These simple steps will aid in removing grime, dirt, stains from mold, algae, and mildew.


The above is some of the surfaces in the home that need cleaning. You need to be careful even on solid surfaces that you want to clean. Observe the safety standard measures to be on the safer side.

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